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Calling Medium a “blogging platform” doesn’t do it enough justice.

Yes, it provides blogging services on a clean, streamlined platform, but it’s more than that.

It’s a publishing platform that also gives space to images and video content in their own right; it’s not only a place for writers to go and share their ideas, but a place for readers to find quality content.

The keyword there is “quality”. That is what is most important on Medium; the way the system is set up means that the best posts, the most-loved posts rise to the top, while the junk falls to the bottom.

Pieces are organized by topic and readers are able to promote posts as they see fit.

For writers who are focused on quality (but who may not be well-known) and who want to attract an audience that appreciates that kind of content, publishing on Medium is a way to tap into a larger audience than what your own personal blog may garner.


Medium vs Personal Blog

Here’s why you should consider utilizing Medium:

1) It’s easier

When you run your own personal blog, there is A LOT that you have to do. There’s the design to worry about, the hosting hassles, distributing content, and doing the actual writing. With Medium, you just write. The layout is clean and simple; you don’t have to worry about the extras that come with having to handle your own blog.

2) Connects you to a larger audience

Medium is like a magazine that interested internet users pick up when they want to read quality content, with no regards to the brand or author behind it. In this way, it’s easier for you to be discovered and gain exposure by readers. If you’re frustrated by your audience size, then Medium is a good option.

3) Drives traffic to your site

If you decide to give up your personal blog and switch to Medium, you’re not giving up your ability to drive traffic to your site. You can still tell others about your company/site/product and encourage them to learn more. And, if you create high-quality content that is interesting, entertaining, thoughtful, and/or unique, your readers are naturally going to want more from you. They’ll be curious and more likely to try to find out more.

4) Quality over authorship

Because Medium emphasizes quality of writing over who is actually doing the writing, the publishing platform makes it easier for unknown individuals to attract an audience. It helps level the playing field so that poorer quality content doesn’t get rewarded just because it comes from a well-known party.

Post on Both

You could make the choice to take advantage of the opportunities offered by both posting on Medium and maintaining your own blog. This means that you would publish your work on both, using Medium to attract the attention of new readers and keeping your own blog up for those that are already fans and to have kind of a home base for your brand.

Medium offers very little customization options; it is strictly a place to post content. Unlike WordPress, where you can add a store, use different plugins, and choose your own themes, with Medium, you get a textbox and some publishing options, and that’s about it. It’s not particularly well-suited as a stand-alone brand builder. It’s a way to get content to a larger audience in order to attract them back to your main site/blog.

Plus, you don’t have to always post your work on both. You can post everything on your own blog and select just a few of your best pieces to publish on Medium. You attract attention and draw people in, but you don’t give away everything immediately. For all you have to offer, readers have to go to your personal blog.

It takes a little more work, and you still have to deal with the extra hassles that come with maintaining a blog, but posting on both Medium and your own blog gives you the benefits of both. You don’t have to write more content to garner more followers; you just need to make your work available across the net, not just on your own blog.


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